“There’s a lot about medicine that has to do with the people practicing. With the clinicians I’ve worked with at Bastyr Center, you have the sense that you’re in the presence of a healer, not just a technician.”


Sarah Acosta-Smith, ND, saved my life. She was so thorough and asked so many questions, it was the difference between night and day. If not for Dr. Acosta-Smith’s diagnosis, I could have lapsed into a diabetic coma.


"Acupuncture and suggested nutritional supplements have been life-changing for me. ... With the help from Bastyr’s doctors and students I will maintain my energetic and healthy life."


"My experience at Bastyr Center for Natural Health has been an incredible blessing of healing and building relationships."


"Bastyr is Seattle’s answer to the Mayo Clinic — the finest natural health care available anywhere."


"The treatment and approach to care that I experienced in the counseling clinic was a radical departure from what I had experienced previously."


"Within two months of visiting Bastyr Center for Natural Health, I was pregnant — what I was originally told was almost impossible!"


"When I came to Bastyr Center for Natural Health 12 years ago, Dr. Steve Milkis and the students on his team helped saved my life."