As the teaching clinic of Bastyr University, we offer a “Team Care” approach. You’ll benefit from the combined education, training, research efforts and experience of a licensed health professional (or clinical supervisor) and two advanced student clinicians. A clinical supervisor is intimately involved with each patient’s case and approves all diagnoses and treatment plans.

Your health care team guides you toward optimal health while encouraging you to become an active partner in your health care, making decisions about treatments and lifestyle changes that are right for you. Our student/faculty teams prepare for and follow up on each appointment with a thorough case review, drawing on current scientific research and the best traditions of natural medicine.

Bastyr University is known for its progressive scientific focus, and entrance into the university is competitive. Therefore, the university draws students who are extremely bright, mature, insightful, and well-trained in medical science as well as natural therapies and philosophies. For each appointment, a licensed professional and faculty member supervises your care and approves all treatment plans and diagnoses. For consistency, we recommend that you schedule your appointments with the same faculty supervisor instead of student clinicians.

You also may see licensed clinicians one-on-one through our private practice, including our naturopathic medicine residents, who can be seen for the same price as a Team Care appointment.