Phoebe Yin, ND



Dr. Yin is a core faculty member at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, where she supervises naturpathic medicine students in Team Care, and she's an assistant professor at Bastyr University. She also sees patients in private practice at Bastyr Center.

Clinical Interests:

As clinical supervisor and in her private practice, Dr. Yin takes a special interest in allergies, digestive disorders, women's health and geriatric health. She emphasizes preventive health through routine screening exams (annual exams, labs, etc.) and long-term modification of the diet and lifestyle.


Dr. Yin completed a two-year residency at Bastyr Center and holds an ND from Bastyr University. Her BA is in comparative religion from the University of Washington.

Watch Dr. Yin present a lecture titled, "Healthy Skin Through Better Nutrition":