Paul Dompé, ND, BCB



Dr. Dompé is an adjunct faculty member at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health where he supervises naturopathic medical students in Team Care in the clinical application of mind-body medicine and biofeedback.  He also sees patients in his private practice in downtown Seattle. He has been in practice for over 20 years.

Clinical Interests:

Dr. Dompé specializes in the treatment of stress-related conditions focusing on the clinical application of mind-body medicine. He utilizes multi-component therapies including mindful awareness training, biofeedback, acceptance-based counseling, herbal medicine, and education to teach patients to cultivate self-awareness, self-compassion, tolerance to mental, emotional, and physical distress, and an increased capacity to self-regulate their neurobiological response to stress.  He teaches patients therapeutic breathwork, progressive muscles relaxation, autogenics, meditation, and guided visualization.

Education and Affiliation:

  • 1996–2001 Bastyr University Seattle, WA: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
  • 1989–1992 University of California at Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA: Bachelors of Science in Physiological Science
  • Member of the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Board certified (BCB) practitioner through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA)