Meet Shira Nahari

Treated by Naturopathic Medicine

I am a 78-year-old Seattle girl, born and bred in the Emerald City. So not only Boeing but also Bastyr has always been a household word for me.

Twenty years ago, I was struck with Bell's Palsy, a nerve disorder, on the right side of my face. So I called Bastyr. I learned that John Bastyr was no longer taking patients, but a student of his named Wendy was willing to consult with him on my behalf. After meeting with me and talking to Dr. Bastyr, Wendy returned with the recommendation to take a homeopathic remedy and apply ice to the facial muscles. That led to a total recovery. Interestingly enough, today the right side of my face is smoother than the left.

This summer, a gynecological problem presented itself that was causing pain during sitting. When I received word of Bastyr's wonderful $15 offer for seniors, I immediately scheduled an appointment. It is a two-hour drive from where I live near the Canadian border, but it was worth it.

The student clinicians took time to make a thorough health assessment. When Dr. Hazel Philp (MS, ND, LAc) arrived, she performed a gynecological exam and promptly made an accurate diagnosis. She referred me for a follow up to a clinic near my home. All three care providers had a patient, caring attitude. I'd recommend Bastyr Center to anyone.

Since that visit, I have researched alternatives to surgery, while pursuing spiritual paths to healing and relevant exercises. The pain has totally ceased and my journey continues toward healing.


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