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Treated by Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine

When I came to Bastyr Center for Natural Health 12 years ago, Dr. Steve Milkis and the students on his team helped saved my life.

I was exhausted, achy and at my wits end trying to figure out what was going on with my health, and I really did not want to start taking prescription drugs because of the undesired side effects. I was looking for a natural, alternative way of getting healthy when I saw an advertisement for Bastyr.

With help from Bastyr Center’s professional and caring patient service representatives, I made an appointment with Dr. Milkis, who put me on my journey back to health. After explaining the cold symptoms and inflammation that had plagued me since returning from the Peace Corps in Jamaica, my naturopathic team helped diagnose that I still had symptoms of dengue fever, which I had contracted while out of the country.

My prescription included acupuncture and various vitamins and herbs, which greatly improved my health immediately. But my journey to health didn’t stop there. Since then, Dr. Milkis’s team has treated and advised me on several other issues with great efficiency and concern. A few months ago my blood pressure went up, and again with some herbs and new breathing exercises, it is back to normal.

In addition, Dr. Milkis and his team have been helping other members of my family and friends with great success. I wish there were ways to tell more people about the wonderful work that Dr. Milkis does at Bastyr Center – it really would make the world a better place!

The whole of Bastyr Center has improved my life and spirit, and I cannot thank them all enough for their support and care.


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