Meet Maria Coloumbe

Treated by Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine

My neck and shoulder pain reached a level I couldn't stand. When a friend told me about Bastyr, I said, 'What's a Bastyr?'

He told me about the Bastyr Center and said it had a sliding fee scale that would fit my fixed income. Sure enough. I told the doctor I couldn't turn my neck, I could barely drive and I was having trouble sleeping.

After making a thorough evaluation, he suggested acupuncture treatments. He explained in detail what he was doing and why. He asked if I had questions at every step and reassured me during the whole session.

After three acupuncture treatments, my neck and shoulders were entirely better. I haven't needed to go back since. I can sleep on a normal pillow again, I can drive comfortably and I have full motion of my neck and arms again. It was a wonderful experience. I wish I had gone sooner.

I was so impressed, I recommended Bastyr to one of my friends as well as my husband who was having problems with his right arm. He's better now too.

I'll tell anybody to make a visit. Anyone who knows me knows that I couldn't move my neck from side to side before. Now they can see that I’m better.


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