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Treated by Naturopathic Medicine

"My arthritis, eczema, allergies and neuropathy decided to flare up a couple of months before I was to take a long-anticipated trip to Asia. My knee pain became so bad I could barely walk, but I knew if I took the trip, I’d need to be able to walk miles. I considered going to a conventional arthritis specialist, but suspected that the medications prescribed could impair my health as much as they helped the knee pain. So I decided to give Bastyr Center for Natural Health a try.

"Honestly, I was astounded by the superb professional and technical expertise and touching personal care I received there. Dr. Jamey Wallace and his team took extensive data on all my ailments and reassured me that with some diet changes and physical therapy, I could expect very significant improvements over a few months. But then when I asked if there might be a quick way that I could gain enough ground to be able to walk comfortably in a few weeks, they huddled and produced a short-range plan, to be followed by a long-range plan for after the trip.

"Well, the trip was wonderful — I was able to race across airports to catch connecting flights, hike, stroll beaches and more in amazing comfort. And now I’ve been on the long-range plan for a couple of months and am 95 percent free of all the conditions.

"For my money (all $20 per visit for the senior rate!), Bastyr is Seattle’s answer to the Mayo Clinic — the finest natural health care available anywhere. I actually almost hesitate to recommend it to my friends lest the word spread about its superlative care so that I can’t get an appointment next time. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for this world-class institution and its professionals (both students and doctors)!"


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