Bastyr University's external clinic program provides basic natural health care to diverse, often underserved, populations throughout the Puget Sound and San Diego regions. The program consists of sites where advanced naturopathic medicine (ND) students provide free or reduced-rate care under the supervision of Bastyr clinical faculty. On average, our students see more than 3,500 patients a year at these community clinics.

Aegis on Madison

Location: Capitol Hill, Capitol Hill
Address:  2200 E. Madison Street, Seattle, WA  98112
Phone Number:  (206) 203-6348
Shift Supervisor:  Lela Altman, ND, MS, LAc
Patient Population:  Seniors, General Community
Modality:  Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care
Shift Schedule:  Fridays, 1:00p.m. - 5:00p.m.
Cost Per Visit:  Free

Aegis on Madison is a senior living facility located in the Capitol Hill area in Seattle, WA.  It is part of the Aegis Living organization that provides assisted living, memory care and specialized short-term care for many stages in a senior’s life.  The facility offers senior residents a variety of activities, classes, events and fine dining. Although the shift is located within the living facility, it is open to the community along with the residents and staff in the facility.  The Bastyr team works in conjunction with the healthcare providers at the facility.  The team meets on the first floor in the activity room.  The site contains ramp access and an ADA accessible bathroom.  There is currently no handicapped parking available for students and staff at this time.

Ballard NW Senior Activity Center

Location:  Ballard, “Locks” area, at the corner of NW Market St and 32nd Ave NW
Address:  5429 32nd Ave NW, Seattle 98107
Phone Number:  (206) 297-0403
Shift Supervisor:  Andrew Simon, ND; Christian Dodge, ND
Patient Population:  Senior Citizens & Open to the Public
Modality:  Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care
Shift Schedule:  Tuesdays, 1:00 - 5:00p; Fridays, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Cost Per Visit:  Free

This recently remodeled facility, a two story, 5,000 square foot brick building, is located in Ballard near the "Locks" and the Shilshole Marina.   Ballard Northwest is a community senior center of Senior Services a nonprofit agency, supporting the independence of seniors age 50 and above.  This center provides outstanding programs, services and fun entertainment to seniors in Ballard and the surrounding areas.  Students have the opportunity to provide patient care and some physical medicine services.

Consejo Counseling and Referral Services

Location: South Seattle, near Columbia Park
Address:  3808 South Angeline, Seattle 98118
Phone Number:  (206) 461-4880
Shift Supervisor:  Kevin Connor, ND
Patient Population:  Latino/Spanish-speaking
Modality:  Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care
Shift Schedule:  Fridays, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Cost Per Visit:  Free (patient must be an established client of Consejo)

Consejo Counseling and Referral Services is a private, not for profit organization that provides culturally competent mental health and family support services to a largely Latino population living in western Washington. The clinic is committed to serving the poor, uninsured/underinsured, ethnically diverse, and medically underserved residents of Seattle/King County. Students assigned to this shift are expected to treat patients who present with chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, infection, coughs and colds, mental health issues, edema, arthritis, and boils/cuts/bruises that exist due to lack of medical care. 

Country Doctor Community Clinic

Location: Capitol Hill
Address:  500 19th Avenue East, Seattle 98112
Phone Number:  (206) 299-1600
Shift Supervisor:  Ryan Robbins, ND
Patient Population:  Multi-ethnic, low income, underserved
Modality:  Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care
Shift Schedule:  Wednesdays, 4:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Cost Per Visit:  Patient fee varies; sliding scale available.  Patient must be an established client of Country Doctor.  Please call Country Doctor for further information.

The Country Doctor Clinic is a community-based, non-profit medical clinic providing care to a diverse, urban, low-income population located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. A large percentage of care is directed toward acute medical needs, mental health dysfunctions, women’s health issues, and diabetes. The naturopathic team provides assessment of patient needs which may involve HIV/AIDS issues, fibromyalgia, hypertension, and diabetes prescribes medical care with the use of herbs, nutritional supplements and lifestyle counseling.

Edmonds Senior Center

Location: Downtown Edmonds (near the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry landing)
Address: 220 Railroad Avenue, Edmonds, WA 98020
Phone Number: (425) 774-5555
Shift Supervisor: Laurie Cullen, ND
Patient Population: Open to the public, community health
Modality: Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care
Shift Schedule: Wednesdays, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.; 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Cost Per Visit: $15, sliding scale

This site is located in Edmonds, Washington, just north of Seattle and West of Kenmore. The Senior Center serves seniors in the community offering various activities, classes, exercise classes, nutrition and meal programs, and more. Edmonds Senior Center Naturopathic Clinic, however, is open to serve the community of Edmonds and Snohomish County.  The site will focus on Naturopathic Primary Care Medicine.

Mary's Place

Location: Downtown Seattle
Address:  1830 9th Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
Phone Number:  (206) 621-8474
Shift Supervisor: Hannah Gordon, ND
Patient Population:  Homeless and formerly homeless women
Modality:  Naturopathic Medicine – Primary Care
Shift Schedule:  Tuesdays, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m; 


Address: 1155 N. 130th St. Seattle, WA 98133
Phone Number: (206) 245-1026
Shift Supervisor:  TBD
Shift Schedule: Thursdays, 1 - 5 pm
Cost Per Visit:  Free (women and children only)

Mary’s Place is a day shelter for homeless and formerly homeless women, located in downtown Seattle. The shelter provides basic services such as showers, laundry facilities, and lunch, as well as computers, social service referrals, discussion groups, and movement classes. The Bastyr shift is a teaching clinic where students provide care consisting of basic medical assessment, advice for specific health concerns, vitamin, mineral and other supplements, and constitutional homeopathic care. Students treat patients who present with a range of health issues such as colds, digestive complaints, and wounds to hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, cancer, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, menstrual and menopausal complaints.

Masa Integrative Clinic

Location:  Ballard, Seattle
Address: 8012 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117
Phone Number:  (206) 588-1061
Shift Supervisors:  Masahiro Takakura, ND, LAc, DC
Patient Population:  Community Health
Modality:  Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care
Shift Schedule:  Mondays 1:00 - 5:00p
Cost Per Visit:  sliding scale, insurance

Masa Integrative Clinic is a community integrative medical center in the Ballard community of Seattle. The clinic provides services such as naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, physical medicine, homeopathy and much more. The Bastyr shift is a teaching clinic where students provide care consisting of basic medical assessment, advice for specific health concerns, vitamin, mineral and other supplements, and constitutional homeopathic care. Students treat patients who present with a range of health issues such as musculoskeletal complaints, colds, digestive complaints, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and other acute and chronic conditions.

Senior Services

Senior Services is a private, non-profit agency created to serve senior citizens and their families living in Washington State. Bastyr University operates three external clinics with Senior Services.


Sno-Valley Senior Center

Location:  Carnation
Address: 4610 Stephens Avenue, Carnation 98014
Phone Number:  425 333 4152
Shift Supervisors:  Tom Yang, ND
Patient Population:  Senior Citizens & Open to the Public
Modality:  Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care
Shift Schedule:  Fridays, 8:30a – 12:30p
Cost Per Visit:  $5

This site is located in rural Carnation, Washington approximately 30 miles northeast of Seattle. As the site also doubles as a community center for the town and adjacent communities, the Bastyr shift is open to all residents of Carnation and other nearby communities. Bastyr students assess patients of all ages who may present with such complains as fatigue, cold/flu symptoms, menopause, diabetes and hypertension.  The shift meets on the 2nd floor of the building.  There is elevator access to the 2nd floor and ramp access into the main building.  There are also several ADA accessible bathrooms as well as handicapped parking available on shift.

Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Senior Center

Location: Shoreline
Address:  18560 First Avenue Northeast #1, Seattle 98155
Phone Number:  206 365 1536
Shift Supervisor: John Hibbs, ND
Patient Population: Senior Citizens & Open to the Public
Modality: Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care
Shift Schedule: Mondays, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Cost Per Visit: $10

Located in the Shoreline neighborhood, this senior center shift started spring quarter 2005 and has already become extremely popular with the Shoreline/LFP Senior Center community. Students on this shift assess geriatric patients who may present with diabetes, skin disorders, hypertension, glaucoma, fatigue, and GI complaints. 

YWCA Opportunity Place

Location: Downtown Seattle
Address: 2024 3rd Avenue Seattle 98121
Phone Number:  206 461 3660
Shift Supervisor:  Katie Shaff, ND
Patient Population:  Homeless and low income women living in downtown Seattle
Modality:  Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care
Shift Schedule:  Mondays, 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Cost Per Visit:  Free

Located in downtown Seattle, the YMCA offers many programs that support the needs of working and homeless women and families. Students treat patients that present with conditions such as infections (upper respiratory, skin), poor nutrition, significant situational stress and musculoskeletal complaints. Our health teams provide primary healthcare and make a dramatic impact on the lives of patients. This shift provides students with a unique experience and perspective.

Neighborcare:  Formerly Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Centers

Serving a culturally diverse patient base, Bastyr University operates two external sites in collaboration with the private, non-profit Neighborcare Health. These sites provide valuable cross-cultural experience and opportunities for students to enhance their patient/provider interaction skills.  These sites require special credentialing prior to starting shift.  Website:

45th St Homeless Youth Clinic


Location: Wallingford

Address: 1629 North 45th, Seattle 98103

Phone Number:  206-633 -7650

Shift Supervisor:  Brandon Testa, ND

Patient Population:  Homeless Youth

Modality:  Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care and Physical Medicine

Shift Schedule:  Thursdays 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Cost Per Visit:  Free (teens only)


Bastyr University participates in the 45th St. Clinic’s specialty “Homeless Youth Clinic”. Public health concerns, adolescent development, and concerns around diversity and poverty are issues involved in treating patients. Due to their highly mobile lifestyles, fifty percent of the patients are persons who appear at the clinic for only one visit. The Bastyr Team provides acute care and works collaboratively with the clinic’s other providers on implementing treatment plans.   The shift meets on the second floor of the clinic.  There is elevator access, ramp access and ADA accessible bathrooms.  There is also handicapped parking available on site for staff and students.

West Seattle High School Teen Health Center


Location: West Seattle High School

Address: 3000 California Ave, Seattle 98116

Phone Number:  206 658-8048

Shift Supervisor: Hannah Gordon, ND

Patient Population:  High school students, staff

Modality:  Naturopathic Medicine – Patient Care

Shift Schedule:  CLOSED SUMMER QUARTER; Thursdays 8:30 am –12:30pm

Cost Per Visit:  Free (patient must be a client of Neighborcare and attend the HS)


The West Seattle Teen Health Center provides health care in a teen friendly setting.  These services include mental health counseling, medical checkups, routine physicals, sports physicals, reproductive health care, treatment for acute and chronic illness, immunizations, vision and hearing screening, dental referral, and lab tests.  The Health Center also provides preventive education on tobacco, alcohol and other drug use, injuries and violence.  The site meets in the teen health center on the main floor.  The site contains ramp access, ADA compliant bathrooms and handicapped parking is available for students and staff on site.

Acupuncture Sites

Highpoint Medical Center

Location: Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Center
Address: 6020 35th Ave SW Seattle 98126
Phone Number: (206) 461-6966
Supervisor: Jim Dowling, RN, LAc
Shift Schedule: Thursdays 9:00am-1:00pm

This neighborhood clinic provides acupuncture services to residents of West Seattle. Many of the patients are immigrants to the United States and services are provided through medical translators. Patients present with a variety of health concerns ranging from internal medicine disorders to post-traumatic stress and mental health concerns associated with relocation. We see on average six patients per week at Highpoint Medical Center.

International Clinic — Harborview Medical Center

Address: 325 Ninth Ave Seattle 98104
Phone Number: (206) 731-4192
Supervisor: Angie Hughes, MAc, LAc, MS
Shift Schedule: Mondays, 1:00pm-5:00pm

This clinic, formerly called the Refugee Clinic, provides health care services to recent immigrants to the United States. Patients, accompanied by translators, are referred to acupuncture for conditions ranging from chronic pain and post traumatic stress to digestive problems, depression and anxiety. This clinic offers a unique opportunity to work with a special population within a western medical setting and provide participation in an integrative model of health care. We see approximately 10 patients per week at the International Clinic.

Madison Clinic — Harborview Medical Center

Address: 325 Ninth Ave. Seattle 98104
Phone Number: (206) 731-5100
Supervisor: Sara Bayer, MA, LAc
Shift Schedule: Thursdays 12:30pm-4:30pm

This clinic is specific to patients of Harborview's Madison Clinic, a clinic serving patients with HIV/AIDS. Patients must be referred for acupuncture by their Madison Clinic primary care provider. Acupuncture students have the opportunity to treat HIV/AIDS patients with symptoms ranging from treatment side effects to multi-dimensional complications of this disease. We see approximately six patients per week at the Madison Clinic.

Providence Mt. St. Vincent's Nursing Center

Address: 4831 35th Ave. S.W. Seattle 98126
Phone Number: (206) 937-3700
Supervisor: Angie Hughes, MAc, LAc, Ms
Shift Schedule: Thursdays,  8:30am-12:30pm

Mt. St. Vincent is a progressive nursing center founded by the Sisters of Providence; affiliated with Providence Hospital. Acupuncture services are part of a Wellness Clinic offered to residents of Mt. St. Vincent's as well as staff, volunteers and members of the community. The acupuncture clinic of Mt. St. Vincent's provides students with the experience of working with elderly and disabled populations, providing a wide range of treatment modalities addressing both acute and chronic disorders. We see approximately eight patients per week at Providence Mt. St. Vincent Nursing Center.

Rainier Park Medical Clinic

Location: Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Center
Address: 4400 37th Ave. S. Seattle 98118
Phone Number: (206) 461-6957
Supervisor: Angie Hughes, MAc. LAc, MS
Shift Schedule: Wednesdays, 1 - 5 pm

This community clinic also provides primary and family health care to members of the South Seattle community. Clinical opportunities include working with both acute and chronic health concerns in an integrated community setting. We see approximately six patients per week at the Rainier Park Medical Clinic.

The following clinics are advanced oncology training sites for students in the Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine program:

Providence Regional Cancer Partnership

Address: 1717 13th St. Everett, WA 98201
Phone Number: (425) 297-5536
Supervisor: Angela Tseng, DAOM, LAc
Shift Schedule: Thursdays, 9:00am-1:00pm

The Cancer Partnership's program design adds evidence-based complementary therapy integrated with traditional medical treatments. This integrative approach includes acupuncture, hypnosis, touch therapies, massage, qigong, nutritional counseling, naturopathy and other therapies. The Cancer Partnership also offers cancer support services that incorporate distress management tools including patient and family counseling, support groups, chaplaincy, cancer-related psychopharmacology services and behavioral medicine. We see approximately 10 patients per week at the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership.