Calvin Kwan

"It never ceases to amaze me how one’s hands can bridge the gaps between patient health and relationship."

Georgia Rae Williams

"I have arthritis in my neck and shoulders. I had been going to physical therapy for more than a year, but it didn't help. Then a Bastyr University student in my apartment building told me about Bastyr Center.'


“If your doctor says you can’t dance anymore, don’t put away your dancing shoes until you go to Bastyr!"


"The students and faculty at Bastyr Center changed my life. Through their care, I have learned to effectively overcome both fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome."

Alexis Gage

"I’m a surgeon and I had been struggling with hives for about six months. The itching wasn’t too bad, but I can’t have swollen hands in the operating room or swollen feet while I’m out walking the hospital on call."

Katherine Raymer, ND, MD

"In natural medicine, we learn that healing comes from within an individual who is not a disease and who could never be fully understood by just a disease name.”

Maria Coloumbe

My neck and shoulder pain reached a level I couldn't stand. When a friend told me about Bastyr, I said, 'What's a Bastyr?'

Shira Nahari

I am a 78-year-old Seattle girl, born and bred in the Emerald City. So not only Boeing but also Bastyr has always been a household word for me.

Cori Sparks

I originally came to Bastyr Center with the worst cold I’d had in years, after being turned away from a crowded community health clinic. At Bastyr, I got in right away to see doctors who took their time to get to know me and assured me that I would be well soon. From my initial phone call all the way through checkout, I was comforted by the way Bastyr Center staff treated me.