Prescription Information

Many Bastyr Dispensary products are available by prescription only. Products without directions on the manufacturer’s label are not available retail and require a prescription for purchase. Other products have been determined by the Bastyr University Formulary Committee to be best dispensed under the direct supervision of a physician. They require a prescription for purchase.

At present, only the following providers are legally authorized to write prescriptions for supplements in Washington state:

  • Allopathic Doctors (MDs)
  • Naturopathic Doctors (NDs)
  • Osteopaths (DOs)
  • Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs) and
  • Pharmacists (RPh or PharmDs)

Products prescribed by an ND, MD, ARNP, DO or Pharmacist are not taxed according to RCW 82.08.925. All other products recommended by other health care practitioners are taxed in accord with Washington State Department of Revenue and all local municipalities.

For information or for prescription refills, call (206) 834-4114.


You may phone ahead to have your refills waiting on the dispensary's will call shelf. To save even more time, you also may purchase your refills by phone using a credit or debit card, and have your prescriptions mailed to you (shipping and handling charges will apply). Some custom-blended items are not made ahead of time due to their individualized nature; we will blend them ahead of time if we receive prepayment.

Mail and Special Orders

The Bastyr Dispensary ships exclusively via U.S. Postal Service and within the United States only. Most orders are sent Priority Mail. Prepayment is required for all orders. We do not currently offer package tracking on shipments.

You must have a prescription to place a special order, and the dispensary staff must have the prescription in hand before they can order the product. Orders can be placed only from vendors whose products are carried by the dispensary.