At your first appointment at Bastyr Center, you will be asked to complete a patient information form and health history. Please plan to arrive 30 minutes early to fill out these forms, or you can bring the completed forms with you on your first visit. Download and print the PDF documents. It is also helpful to bring along copies of previous tests, lab results and the names of any medications or natural supplements you are taking.

Health insurance and financial assistance

You will need to bring your insurance information with you at the time of your appointment. If you’re unsure about your coverage of complementary and alternative medical care, contact your insurance plan prior to your appointment. For patients without insurance, or whose insurance excludes coverage of Bastyr Center services, payment is required at the time of treatment. We accept cash, checks, debit cards, Visa and MasterCard. We also offer discounts for cash payment at the time of treatment.

Our Income-Based Adjustment responds to the needs of patients whose financial status makes it difficult to afford our regular fees. To determine whether you qualify for the plan (you must meet certain income and family-size requirements), visit our rates and discounts page, call (206) 834-4100 or fill out an application at your first appointment.

Please note: In some instances, your insurance will cover all services. In the event that services are not covered by your insurance, you are responsible for paying any and all charges.

Length of appointment

Initial appointments vary according to whether your Team Care appointment is in naturopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine, nutrition, counseling, ayurvedic medicine or acupuncture. Typically, first appointments last 60 to 90 minutes, during which time the clinician team formulates a diagnosis and treatment plan that is best for you. Most appointments include a verbal interview in addition to a routine check of your vital signs, as well as other exams appropriate to your symptoms or concerns. We encourage you to become an active partner in your own health care — to ask questions, discuss issues and take part in the decisions about your treatment.

Please note that various treatments, such as peat baths, hydrotherapy or ayurvedic services, may require a change of clothing.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patients and providers have rights and responsibilities to one another to ensure that the best health care services are provided.

  • Patients and providers have the right and responsibility to treat one another respectfully.
  • Patients have the right to confidentiality when receiving care from providers.
  • Patients have the responsibility to supply accurate and complete medical history information to the provider.
  • Patients have the right to know that a record will be kept of the health care services provided to them. They may ask to view, obtain a copy, or amend or correct that record. Providers will not disclose a patient’s record to others unless directed to do so, in writing, by the patient, or unless the law authorizes or compels them to do so. (RCW 70.02.120)
  • Providers have the responsibility to inform patients about their health condition and include the patient in decisions affecting their care.
  • Patients have the right to bring questions, concerns, complaints or compliments about any aspect of one’s care or service to the individual provider, their health plan or provider network.