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News and Events | Meet the 2013-2014 Naturopathic Residents

Bastyr Center for Natural Health
Resident Naturopathic Physicians

Bastyr Center for Natural Health is proud to introduce our 2013-2014 resident naturopathic physicians. These nine young doctors represent the leading edge of natural medicine education and patient care.

Resident physicians at Bastyr Center see patients as shift supervisors in Team Care or in one-on-one visits in Practitioner Care for the same price as a Team Care appointment.


Bastyr Center naturopathic resident Lela Altman, ND, LAc

Lela Altman, ND, LAc
Chief Resident
Dr. Altman's clinical interests include pediatrics, homeopathy, physical medicine, acupuncture and East Asian medicine. Her medical philosophy involves empowering patients to achieve optimal health through education, support and guidance.
Read Dr. Altman's full profile.

Bastyr Center naturopathic resident Melinda Bower, ND

Melinda Bower, ND
First-Year Resident
Dr. Bower's clinical interests include include family medicine, women’s health, environmental medicine, autoimmune disease and diabetes. Her goal is to provide individualized health care that will empower patients to discover their ideal state of wellness.
Read Dr. Bower's full profile.

Bastyr Center naturopathic resident Maeghan Culver, ND

Maeghan Culver, ND
First-Year Resident
Dr. Culver practices family medicine with focus on hands-on therapy, including craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, along with lifestyle counseling focusing on musculoskeletal complaints and chronic disease management.
Read Dr. Culver's full profile.

Bastyr Center naturopathic resident Mohga Elabbadi, ND, PhD

Mohga Elabbadi, ND, PhD
First-Year Resident
Dr. Elabbadi’s clinical interests include family medicine, gastroenterology, metabolic disease, autoimmune disease and preventive medicine. Her research background led her to appreciate the role of diet and lifestyle in the initiation and progression of disease.
Read Dr. Elabbadi's full profile.

Bastyr Center naturopathic resident Jessica Hancock, ND

Jessica Hancock, ND
First-Year Resident
Dr. Hancock’s clinical interests include family medicine, women’s health, mental health, chronic fatigue, stress management and chronic health conditions. She utilizes biofeedback, breathwork, nutrition, botanical medicine and counseling in her practice.
Read Dr. Hancock's full profile.

Bastyr Center naturopathic resident Emily Lesnak, ND

Emily Lesnak, ND
Second-Year Resident
Dr. Lesnak empowers patients to take part in their healing process by educating them about their bodies and working with them to develop a treatment plan that meets them where they are. She begins with the foundations of health, including diet, lifestyle and stress management.
Read Dr. Lesnak's full profile.

Bastyr Center naturopathic resident Calvin Kwan, ND

Calvin Kwan, ND
Second-Year Resident
Dr. Kwan’s clinical interests include diabetes (types 1 and 2), metabolic syndromes and cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, he has a deep-seated passion for naturopathic manipulation, sports medicine, diet and lifestyle coaching.
Read Dr. Kwan's full profile.

Stephen Phipps, ND, PhD,

Stephen Phipps, ND, PhD
First-Year Resident
Dr. Phipps's clinic interests include family medicine, men’s health, mental health, botanical medicine, and dietary/lifestyle support for chronic diseases. His research interests and expertise relate to herbal medicine and novel mechanisms for mental health treatment.
Read Dr. Phipps's full profile.

bastyr Center naturopathic resident Andrew Simon, ND

Andrew Simon, ND
First-Year Resident
Dr. Simon's clinical interests include family medicine, cardiovascular health, diabetes, digestive disorders, allergies and immune health, musculoskeletal conditions, weight loss, stress management, chronic fatigue and pain.
Read Dr. Simon's full profile.


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