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Patient Care Stories | Cori Sparks, Patient
Cori Sparks, Patient

Cori Sparks, 
Treated by: Naturopathic Medicine

I originally came to Bastyr Center with the worst cold Id had in years, after being turned away from a crowded community health clinic. At Bastyr, I got in right away to see doctors who took their time to get to know me and assured me that I would be well soon. From my initial phone call all the way through checkout, I was comforted by the way Bastyr Center staff treated me.

I had seen a naturopathic physician before but at Bastyr Center I was seen by a team of advanced students as well as a supervising physician. I really appreciated their enthusiasm for their jobs and their empathy to my being ill. Their treatment was very thorough and I felt that every one of them genuinely wanted to be there. The attitude I experienced at Bastyr was noticeably different from the attitude at a conventional medical office. I like to laugh and was trying to make jokes with what was left of my voice. Dr. Guiltinan and her students attentively listened to my nervous humor and smiled. When was the last time you saw an MD or RNP smile? It seems like they never have the time.

After learning about me and my health, my team of providers promptly consulted with each other and then gave me treatments for my symptoms as well as my underlying illness. In addition to prescribing medications, my providers coached me on methods to help my breathing and ease my sore throat. They explained why I was to take each medicine instead of handing me an illegible prescription and calling out "NEXT!" In fact, the entire clinic staff from front desk to doctors made me feel like a person, not a number. Bastyr Center made me actually look forward to going to the doctor instead of dreading it!

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