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Naturopathic physicians practice general naturopathic medicine for people of all ages with both acute and chronic illness. They use a wide variety of interventions in their practice. Health concerns commonly treated by naturopathic doctors include chronic health issues such as allergies and asthma, digestive disorders, skin problems, autoimmune disorders, endocrine/hormonal imbalances and acute conditions such as the common cold, the flu or headaches.

Please note that the list of providers below represents the entire ND clinical faculty at Bastyr University. Not all providers listed below are currently scheduled to work regular shifts at Bastyr Center in Seattle. Please call us at 206.834.4100 to verify provider availability. Learn more about Community Care sites.


Our naturopathic medicine providers
Sarah M. Acosta Smith, ND
Lela Altman, ND, MS, LAc
Mallory Anderson, ND
Geoffrey Bender, ND
Cristopher Bosted, ND, RN
Debra Brammer, ND
Matt Brignall, ND
Kevin Connor, ND
Laurie Cullen, ND
Maeghan Culver, ND
Cortney Cusack, ND
Christian Dodge, ND
Hasti Fashandi, ND
Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh
Jill Fresonke, ND
Jane Guiltinan, ND
Jessica Hancock, ND
John Hibbs, ND
Kristine Honda, ND
Jennifer Johnson, ND
Eric Jones, ND
Meghan Kemnec, ND
Calvin Kwan, ND
Mark Lamden, ND
Emily Lesnak, ND
Richard Mann, ND
Nancy Mercer, ND
Steve Milkis, ND
Dean E. Neary, Jr., ND
Andrew J. Parkinson, ND
Marisa Pellegrini, ND
Hazel A. Philp, ND, MS, LAc
Stephen Phipps, ND, PhD
Katherine Raymer, MD, ND
Ryan Robbins, ND
Shawnti Rockwell, ND
Joshua Rubinstein, ND
Katie Shaff, ND
Brendan Smith, ND
Leanna J. Standish, PhD, ND, LAc, FABNO
Arianna Staruch, ND
Justin Steurich, ND
Jamey Wallace, ND, MSEE
Natalie Walsh, ND, MS
Eric Yarnell, ND
Gregory Yasuda, ND
Phoebe Yin, ND
Dominika Zajdel, ND

Definitions of credentials

ND — Naturopathic Doctor
MD — Medical Doctor
LAc — Licensed Acupuncturist
DiplAc — Board Certified in Acupuncture
DAOM — Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
RN — Registered Nurse
RD — Registered Dietitian
PhD — Doctoral Degree
MS — Master of Science
PT — Physical Therapist
MPH — Masters of Public Health
LM — Licensed Midwife
MD (China) — Prior license as a medical doctor in China
DHANP — Diplomate of Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians
CDE — Certified Diabetes Educator
CD — Certified Dietitian
LMHC — Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Want to understand more about the scope of practice of our naturopathic medicine health care services? Read an overview.

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