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Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are the most common neurobehavioral disorders of childhood. However, these conditions are not confined to childhood; about eight million adults are thought to have ADHD. Although medical practitioners often prescribe stimulant ... more »


Getting older can be a natural process but can also present challenges. How can you age gracefully? One way is by knowing how to prevent common problems associated with aging. Maggie Kuhn, an activist for elders’ rights, said, “Old age is ... more »


If you sneeze, cough and wheeze when certain substances accumulate in your house or in the outdoors, you’re not alone. Twenty percent of people in the U.S. suffer from allergies. Unfortunately, both over-the-counter allergy pills and prescription allergy medicines can have unwanted ... more »


No doubt about it: chronic pain is, well…a pain! And one of the most common types of chronic pain is arthritis. Yet, there is some good news for arthritis sufferers. Today, many research dollars are being funneled into arthritis studies, so treatment ... more »


Brain Health
Recent studies have revealed a number of complex factors that may have a profound effect on brain health. From nutrition to physical activity to emotional health and life-long learning habits, our mind is directly influenced by how well we take care ... more »


Over the past few years, a variety of studies have demonstrated the positive effects of certain herbs, vitamins, natural hormones, foods or food extracts for people diagnosed with cancer. Studies have also shown that patients are taking advantage of these complementary and ... more »


Children's Health
Children’s health problems can leave even the most optimistic parent with a nagging sense of worry. Luckily, natural health practitioners can get to the root of the problem and provide a lasting cure. We find that parents are often amazed at ... more »


  Cholesterol is naturally produced by our bodies and is essential for healthy functioning. Yet, an over-abundance of cholesterol leaves deposits in our arteries, causing harmful blockages. While new statin drugs have shown remarkable results in lowering cholesterol levels, studies have shown ... more »


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
When feelings of exhaustion linger for weeks, people often wonder if they have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). However, CFS is not simply “feeling tired.” A list of diagnostic criteria must be met in order to confirm a diagnosis. And since fatigue can ... more »


Cold and Flu
Is it normal to get a few colds and a bout of the flu every year? Naturopathic physicians would say it’s not. Most people can stay strong and healthy all year long, and even bypass the flu shot (except for those ... more »


Colon Health
While you may not want to discuss the topic at the water cooler, there is no question that colon cancer is a worthy concern. Over 130,000 cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed in the United States each year and over 50,000 ... more »


Going to the dentist can be daunting. But you can approach the dentist’s chair with confidence if you’ve been taking good care of your teeth and gums. From pine bark to borage oil, there are many natural ways to improve your ... more »


Although most adults and children feel “blue” from time to time, depression can sometimes stop a person from living a normal life. Fortunately, depression is a treatable illness. Natural health practitioners find that optimizing basic health factors such as sleep, diet ... more »


In the United States, the incidence of type 2 diabetes is rising at an alarming rate. Yet, one-third of people with diabetes don’t know they have it. At the same time, more and more scientific studies are proving that eating the ... more »


Eating is not only essential to survival; it is also integral to social events and cultural celebrations around the world. But digestive problems can affect your ability to derive nutrients from your food or enjoy certain foods. But identifying the root ... more »


Most of us take our hearing for granted because it’s always been there. But what do you do when it isn’t? Hearing loss is actually quite common: Tinnitus, one of the most common hearing disorders, affects 17 percent of the general ... more »


As we age, our eyes change. We are more likely to have vision problems, with cataracts being the number one culprit. But serious eye problems are not inevitable. There are natural ways to prevent and treat them. Studies have found that ... more »


While fatigue is extremely common, it does not have to be disabling. Fatigue can have many causes that can be discerned and addressed. Natural health practitioners are trained to view the problem from a holistic perspective and root out the underlying cause. ... more »


Female Health
Faced with a myriad of decisions on a regular basis – from nutritional supplements to hormonal supplements – women must learn to navigate the complex maze of information to make the most informed decisions for their personal care. While it’s not ... more »


According to the National Headache Foundation, over 45 million Americans suffer from chronic, recurring headaches. The foundation also states that Americans spend an excess of four billion dollars on over-the-counter pain relievers for headaches each year, many of which are ineffective. Fortunately, ... more »


Heart Disease
There are few bodily organs as essential as your heart for a long and vital life. And yet cardiovascular disease is responsible for one of every 2.6 deaths in the U.S. And with obesity and inactivity on the rise, cardiovascular disease ... more »


Utilized as medicine for thousands of years, herbs have become popular natural alternatives for treating health issues ranging from headaches to chronic illness. Herbal remedies often yield significant beneficial effects with fewer adverse side effects than synthetic drugs. Ongoing research has ... more »


Immune System/Autoimmune Disorders
When your immune system is lagging, you know it. Every cold that circulates seems to stop by, the flu becomes your new friend, and assorted maladies suddenly appear. But what causes poor immunity and what can you do to improve your ... more »


When minor mishaps occur, such as cuts, sprains, bruises, many natural substances can provide a remedy. Homeopathic creams can ease pain and eliminate bruises, and consistent application of vitamin E oil or comfrey can help minor wounds to heal. Furthermore, the pain ... more »


The liver is one of the largest and most important organs in the body, but it only functions well under favorable conditions. Since the liver serves as our bodies’ filter, excess toxins can eventually cause liver problems. Chronic liver diseases and ... more »


Lyme Disease
Your familiarity with Lyme disease probably depends on where you live. If you live on the East Coast, you know about it; on the West Coast, you may have barely heard of it. But no matter where you live, Lyme disease ... more »


Men's Health
Men’s health problems are real, and yet men often downplay their health risks and issues. They may neglect their health because they're feeling fine and have too many things on their “to do” lists. They may feel uncomfortable talking about their ... more »


Menopause is a natural process, during which women’s fertility decreases and eventually ceases. While these hormonal changes may cause discomfort, they don’t have to interfere with an enjoyable life. In the past, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was the main treatment for ... more »


Mental Health
Mental health issues are not just “the neighbors’” problem. One in five adults are diagnosed with a mental illness each year, which means that few families are exempt. Luckily, a diagnosis doesn’t carry the social stigma it once did, and seeking ... more »

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