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Health Conditions | Heart Disease
Heart Disease

There are few bodily organs as essential as your heart for a long and vital life. And yet cardiovascular disease is responsible for one of every 2.6 deaths in the U.S. And with obesity and inactivity on the rise, cardiovascular disease threatens to become even more prevalent.

The good news is that supplements, herbs, dietary measures and exercise can help prevent or correct cardiovascular disease. The Bastyr Center for Natural Health has a program specifically designed to treat and prevent heart disease. For more details, read an article featured featured in our Healthy & Wise newsletter about it.

Read about other natural ways to reduce your risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes and live a longer, healthier life – whether heart disease runs in your family or not.

Cardiovascular Protection for Stressed Men
Saturated Fats and Heart Disease: Corrections Highlight Study Flaws
Can Krill Oil Help High Triglycerides?
B-Vitamin Complex: A Simple Strategy to Lower Stroke Risk
Chocolate Linked to Lower Stroke Risk
Food Focus: Flavonols for Heart Health
Mediterranean Beats Low-Fat Diet for Better Brain Function
Preliminary Results Find CoQ10 Provides Heart Failure Protection
Heart-Healthy Effects of Omega-3 Fats Less Certain
Women: Eating Antioxidants May Benefit Heart
Carnitine Gets a Clean Bill of Health
Grape Seed: One Option for Lower Blood Pressure?
Meat, Carnitine, and Cardiovascular Health—A Complex Relationship
The “Sunshine Vitamin” Helps a Heavy Heart
Can Flavonoid-Rich Foods Protect Your Heart?
Coenzyme Q10: Help for Heart Failure?
Chocolate May Protect Against Stroke
Cocoa Linked to Lower Blood Pressure
Olive Oil Keeps Blood Vessels Healthy
Nutrition for Stroke Prevention
For Beating Hypertension, Yogurt May Be Next Superfood
Selenium and Coenzyme Q10 May Lower Risk of Death
Exercise: Good Medicine for Matters of the Heart
For a Healthier Heart, Think Omega-3s
More Evidence of Dark Chocolate's Heart-Healthy Effects
Orange Juice Does Your Heart Good
Chocolate and Heart Health: Is There a Connection?
Rose Hips for Heart Health?
Vitamin D for a Healthy Heart, Long Life
Keep Your Ticker Happy With Chocolate
Can Omega-Love Your Heart? Eat More FishRelieve Bipolar Depression?
Berries: Natural Clot Busters?
Options for Taming Triglycerides
Mediterranean Diet May Lower Heart Disease Risk Markers
Seniors: Master the Art of Heart-Healthy Eating
Yogurt: The New Heart-Healthy Food?
Carbs’ Surprising Heart Disease Connection
Flower Power Beats High Blood Pressure
Once Again, Fish Fats Shown to Fight Heart Disease
Love Your Heart? Give Trans Fats the Boot
Omega-3s and Phytosterols: A Promising Pair for Heart Disease Protection
Vitamin D—a Heart Healthy Nutrient
Low-Fat or Low-Carb—Which Is Better for Your Heart?
Women: Eat, Drink, and Be Fit for Heart Health
For Lower Blood Pressure, Kids Should Skip the Salt
Protect Your Heart by Eating a Mediterranean Diet
Selenium’s Benefits Outweigh the Risks
What’s Your Heart Worth?
Cut Heart Disease Risk in Half
Calcium Reduces High Blood Pressure
Red Grapefruit Fights Heart Disease
Fasting Lowers Heart Disease Risk
B Vitamins and Heart Disease Prevention
Walk Your Way to a Healthier Heart
Tomato Extract Lowers Blood Pressure
Aspirin for Heart Patients: Not As Safe As Believed
Tomato Juice May Prevent Heart Disease
Fish Oil Protects Heart after Bypass Surgery
Whole Grain Cereals Prolong Men's Life
Does Vitamin E Increase Heart Failure Risk?
Folic Acid Prevents High Blood Pressure in Women
Dietary Magnesium Lowers Heart Disease Risk
Hibiscus Tea to Lower Your Blood Pressure
Women’s Heart Health
Prevent Heart Attacks—with Pizza?
Honey Reduces Heart Disease Risk
Betaine Lowers Homocysteine Levels
Vitamins C, E, and Accumulation of Arterial Plaque
Coenzyme Q10 Improves High Blood Pressure
Soy Milk Lowers Blood Pressure
Hawthorn Extract, Exercise Tolerance in People with Congestive Heart Failure
Herbal Therapies Treat Heart and Circulation Conditions
Essential Fatty Acids Lower Risk of Heart Disease

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The health information contained in this site is not intended as medical advice and should not be considered a substitute for appropriate medical care. Any products mentioned in studies cited in Healthnotes articles are not necessarily endorsed by Bastyr. As with any product, consult with a natural health practitioner to discuss what may be best for you.


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