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Health Conditions | Children's Health
Children's Health

Children’s health problems can leave even the most optimistic parent with a nagging sense of worry. Luckily, natural health practitioners can get to the root of the problem and provide a lasting cure.

We find that parents are often amazed at the effectiveness of natural health care at treating common children's ailments, including upper respiratory infections, ear and sinus infections, ADD/ADHD, eczema and asthma. While it’s not always easy to change a child’s “lifestyle,” natural health practitioners can help guide you and your child through gradual changes.

Annual wellness exams are an important component of preventative health. Pediatric wellness exams include a comprehensive assessment of body systems, screening physical exam and personalized preventative screening program to evaluate your child's current physical health and growth. Make an appointment.

Most often, pediatric health problems can be treated with naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Learn more about how you and your children can benefit from a natural approach:

Getting Kids to Sleep at Back-to-School Bedtimes
Help Active Kids Beat the Heat
What is a Well-Child Visit?
Keeping Children Allergy-Free
Boost Babies’ Iron for Healthier Adulthood
B12 Relieves Reflux in Babies
Vitamin D May Be Key to Fewer Recurrent Childhood Earaches
For Underprivileged Kids, Early Eating May Impact Obesity Outcomes
Early Probiotics Protects Kids from Allergies and Eczema
Babies Need Iron for a Brighter Future
Smart New School Food Rules Make Good Nutrition Sense
Vitamin D Versus Childhood Ear Infections
Vitamins and Milk Keep Up Children’s D Levels
The Secret to Thinner Kids
How to Boost Your Child’s IQ
Balancing Your Child's Vitamin D and Iron Levels
Smaller Babies May Benefit From Iron Supplements
The Right Bacteria May Nix the Itch
Probiotics May Ease Infant Colic
Nutritional Help for Children with Autism
Probiotics Provide Hope for Kids with Allergies
A Nutrient to Dial Down Irritability in Autism
For Active Girls, D Beats Calcium and Dairy for Bone Building
Can Fish Oil Prevent Childhood Allergies?
Cranberry Juice May Also Prevent Kid UTIs
Heal Childhood Eczema from the Inside Out
Exercise Builds Bones in Teens
Omega-3s May Keep Colds Away from Kids
Think Fiber First for Healthier Teens
Natural Help for Autism?
A Probiotic for Childhood Eczema
Teens: Run to Build Bone
Simple Steps Support Kids’ Attention
Kids Need Iodine for a Healthy Brain
Teens: Lighten Up to Protect Your Liver
Another Reason to Help Kids Keep a Healthy Weight
Get Savvy About Your Kids’ Sun Care
For School Kids, Less Leads to More
Girls: Exercise Now for Bones that Last
Teens May Need a Vitamin D Boost
Boost Your Kids’ Grades with Good Food
School Lunch Program Promotes Healthy Eating
A Sweet, Safe Alternative to Kids’ Cough Medicine
Just Say No to Sugary Drinks
For Lower Blood Pressure, Kids Should Skip the Salt
When to Wean? The Relationship Between Solid Foods and Allergies
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Relieve Childhood Depression
Good Eating Habits Are Easy to Grow
Herbal Formula Helps Restless Children Relax
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help Autistic Children
Childhood Ear Infections: Wait, Don’t Treat
Are Fast-Food Restaurants Targeting Schools?
Parents’ Responsiveness Influences Children’s Development
Help for Common Children’s Coordination Disorder
Preschoolers & Fiber Intake
Oranges, Bananas Prevent Childhood Leukemia
Iron Deficiency & Overeating in Children
Supplements Better than Hormone Therapy in Kids
Childhood Obesity and Soft Drinks
Amrita Bindu Helps Children with Asthma
Herbal Treatment for Viral Diarrhea in Children
Ear Infection Prevalence in Children--an Opinion
Osteopathic Manipulation Helps Children with Ear Infections
Zinc Increases Stature in Growth Hormone-Deficient Children
Fennel Effective For Colic
Nutritional Supplementation for Catch-Up Growth in Picky Eaters
Herbal Eardrops Relieve Ear Pain in Children
Creatine Helps Children with Muscular Dystrophy
Melatonin Effective for Insomnia in Children
Household Dust and Allergies in Children
Multivitamin May Help Children’s Mood, Behavior
Natural Remedy for Head Lice
Cod Liver Oil, Vitamins Reduce Ear Infections
Breastfeeding May Reduce Risk of Childhood Obesity
Vitamin B6 Helpful for Autistic Children
Zinc May Improve Growth In Children with Sickle Cell Disease

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The health information contained in this site is not intended as medical advice and should not be considered a substitute for appropriate medical care. Any products mentioned in studies cited in Healthnotes articles are not necessarily endorsed by Bastyr. As with any product, consult with a natural health practitioner to discuss what may be best for you.


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