• New Mobile, Email Surveys Start This Fall
    Mobile phone displaying customer satisfaction survey.

    To help us continue to improve your patient experience, Bastyr Center for Natural Health is implementing a new survey system that you can expect to see in your email inbox or on your smart phone as early as fall 2016.

  • New $20 Price for Homeopathy Visits
    Hands holding homeopathic remedy.

    Constitutional homeopathy appointments will cost $25 per visit at Bastyr Center for Natural Health starting Sept. 26, 2016.

  • $5 Increase for Some Senior Rates Starting Sept. 26
    Doctor holding hand of senior.

    Bastyr Center for Natural Health is proud to offer discounted rates for seniors ages 62 and better. However, as health care costs continue to increase, Bastyr Center has made the difficult decision to increase some of its senior rates by $5 per visit.

  • Keep "Living Naturally" with Our Free Lecture Series
    Family walking with autumn leaves in background.

    Join us for a series of talks to help you ease into fall that will include information about ayurvedic detoxification; natural treatments for neurological and mental health disorders; digestive issues; and a discussion with the author of "The Vitality Map."

  • Women’s Wellness Goes Beyond Annual Checkups
    Jennifer Johnson, ND, sees patients in Women's Wellness Care at Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

    For many women, their annual exam is one of the only times in the year that they actually see their doctor. After undergoing all of the necessary screenings, there may be little time to discuss their real health issues. Our Women’s Wellness clinicians aim to reverse that trend by utilizing a whole-person model focused on really listening to you.

  • Student Visits Cost $20 September-November 2017
    College students

    Whether you’re heading to your first year of college or going back to school, Bastyr Center for Natural Health invites you to start with a clean bill of health with $20 Student Visits in September-November 2017.

  • Well-Child Visits $20

    Learn about the benefits of keeping your kids healthy through good nutrition, exercise and taking care of their bodies as they grow with a Well-Child Visit at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, which cost $20 for children under 18 from July 15 - Sept 15, 2017.

  • Counseling Visits Cost $15 July-August 2016

    Learn how counseling can be a valuable support in your own health care with $15 Team Care appointments in counseling and mind-body medicine at Bastyr Center for Natural Health from July 1 to August 31, 2016.

  • Patients Love Their Experience at Bastyr Center
    Bastyr Center staff helping patient at front desk.

    The Seattle teaching clinic of Bastyr University once again ranks highly in a regional patient satisfaction survey.

  • Underlying Cause for Many Digestive Issues is SIBO
    Woman holding stomach with red inflammation illustration.

    Are you worried about your digestive health? Learn about the symptoms and risk factors of small intestine bacterial overgrowth, a treatable condition that has been seeing a growing number of diagnoses.