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August 2013

Learn How
to Eat Healthy
on a Budget

Two nutrition students share tricks for eating well while saving money at this free talk Sept. 5.

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Family enjoying outdoors
Couple Running

5 Tips to Get the Most from Your Workout

Finding a workout partner is just one of the many ways you can maximize your exercise time.

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Charles Smith, PhD

Video: What to Expect at a Counseling Visit

Charles Smith, PhD, explains how patients are cared for at a counseling appointment at Bastyr Center.

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Jessye, Patient

Patient Learned Tools to Manage Depression, Anxiety

Jessye shares how biofeedback and mindfulness help her avoid medications and improve her quality of life.

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Tomato Basil Quinoa with Massaged Kale

Recipe: Tomato Basil Quinoa with Massaged Kale

Serve up protein-rich quinoa with fresh tomatoes and aromatic basil for a nutrient-dense and delicious treat.

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Through August 31: Counseling Visits Cost $15

Through August 31: Well-Child Visits $20

Aug. 15: Bastyr University Open House

Sept. 1-Aug. 31: Student Visits $20

Sept. 5: Free Talk on How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Sept. 8: Bastyr Center Sponsors Speaker Series at Women of Wonder 5K/10K

Sept. 10: Free Info Session on Certificate Programs

Sept. 23-28: Clinic Closed for Autumn Break


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