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April 2013

The Best Exercise Equipment:
Your Body

Using your own body weight to exercise is easy for all ages and skill levels.

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Young Couple Doing Lunges Outside
Spring for Health Luncheon Keynote Speaker Victoria Sweet, MD, PhD

Lunch and Learn with Renowned Health Author

You're invited to the Spring for Health Luncheon on May 7, which raises money to help low-income patients.

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Chips and Salsa

Tricks to Keep Enjoying Your Favorite Snack Foods

You can decrease hunger and cravings and not pile on the pounds with these four simple tips.

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Bastyr Center Patient MaryLee

Patient Shares Her Journey to Health

Twelve years ago, MaryLee found Dr. Steve Milkis at Bastyr Center for Natural Health in the nick of time.

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Homemade Granola Bars

Recipe: Homemade Granola Bars

Add your favorite fruits, grains, nuts and seeds to make you own unique protein- and nutrient-rich granola bar.

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Upcoming Events

April 13: Free Talk: Be Your Own Boot Camp!

April 13: Visit the Bastyr Center booth at the American Diabetes Association Expo

April 14: Inflammation and Fatigue — The Root of Medical Mischief

April 18: Mindfulness Based Stress and Pain Reduction

May 2: Free Talk: Holistic Approaches to Treating Anxiety

May 10: Postpartum Doula Skills Workshop

June-August: Counseling Visits Cost $15 at Bastyr Center

June 7: Free Talk: Going Gluten-Free


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