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September 2010
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10 Natural Sugar Alternatives

Reducing or removing highly refined sugars from your diet now can provide many long-term health benefits, including weight loss and lowering your risk of diabetes. But for most of us, living without sugar sounds pretty bland. Whether you’re looking to cut down on refined white sugar or cut it out completely, these 10 sugar alternatives can sweeten the transition.

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Artificial Sweeteners: Good, Bad or Ugly?

While some people claim that artificial sweeteners can be a healthy alternative to sugar, others contend that they may cause serious health problems. The truth may lie somewhere in between. Learn more...

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What Makes a Good Multivitamin?

Multivitamins can be an effective way to help us meet our daily nutritional needs, but no single pill is right for everybody. Learn how to select the multivitamin that’s best for you.

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Free Lecture:
Sugar-Free Living

Are you ready to improve your nutritional health and fitness levels by eliminating or reducing sugar from your diet? Discover the benefits and strategies of sugar-free living at this popular lecture at Bastyr Center.

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Recipe: Honey-
Sweetened Carrot Cake

A Bastyr favorite! Moist and rich, this carrot cake (complete with the requisite cream cheese frosting) is sweetened with honey instead of sugar and uses oil to achieve just the right texture. Get cooking...


Sept 11: Living Naturally Lecture Series Sugar-Free Living More...

Oct 7: Oncology Talk
Tips for Integrative Cancer Prevention, Treatment and Healing

Oct 9: Mission and Founders’ Awards Gala at Bastyr University More...


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