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Welcome to Health E-News!As fall approaches, it's a great time to plan for improved health and establish personal short- and long-term goals. To get started, schedule an annual wellness exam at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, where you can work with a medical team (a supervising ND and two or three ND students) to evaluate your overall wellness and create new health goals. For those whose goals include playing sports, learn about Bastyr Center's services that can help prevent and treat sports-related injuries. You'll also find information in this issue about our ongoing affordable women's health screening program, as well as discounted appointments for college students and seniors. Last but not least, discover healthy cooking tips for seniors, natural treatments for major depression, and how consuming fish oils can help you lose weight.

As a side note, we are always searching for stories from patients about their experiences at Bastyr Center. We'd love to hear how a natural approach has helped you.

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Bastyr Center for Natural Health
August 2007 Issue

Clinic Highlights

Self Care

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Clinic Highlights

Time for Your Annual Wellness Exam!

Naturopathic doctor with patientWhether you're an adult, a senior or a child, annual physicals are an important component of a complete wellness program. Regular wellness exams are more than just a safety net; they are also an opportunity to monitor health conditions and set specific goals for a healthy future. A wellness exam at Bastyr Center for Natural Health includes a complete assessment of your body's systems, your medical history and a screening physical exam. Your clinician team will work with you to suggest any needed lifestyle changes, natural therapies or additional screenings tailored to your health goals, risks and needs. Call 206.834.4100 and schedule your wellness exam today. Read more about naturopathic medicine's preventive approach to health care.

Find Natural Relief for Sports Injuries

The summer sun brings out the enthusiastic athlete in many of us, and too often it also brings an abundance of sports-related injuries. Luckily, Bastyr Center for Natural Health offers many natural ways to help you prevent sports injuries and bounce back from any unexpected strains, pains or aches. Visits to our acupuncture and Oriental medicine, naturopathic medicine and physical medicine shifts can help prevent and treat a variety of sports injuries. Useful services include acupuncture, soft-tissue manipulation, strength conditioning and injury rehabilitation. Contact us today to find out more about these services, and read about a recent naturopathic report on wellness for young athletes.

Affordable Breast and Cervical Health Screenings

The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms and pap exams for women over the age of 40. Through the Washington Breast and Cervical Health Program, income-qualified women aged 40-64 without insurance may qualify for free or discounted breast and cervical cancer screenings at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. Learn more and find out whether you qualify.

Student and Senior Health Care Options

Did you know that Bastyr Center for Natural Health offers special rates for college students and senior citizens? Both groups can access our high-quality team care services for same-day or next-day appointments at discounted rates. Students currently enrolled in a college, university or technical school can see a naturopathic physician or acupuncturist for $20*. Seniors aged 65 or older can see a naturopathic physician or acupuncturist, or schedule a counseling or nutrition appointment for only $15*. Seniors wishing to get a physical exam during a $15 appointment must specifically request one when making the appointment. Seniors also receive 20 percent off all prescriptions at the Bastyr Dispensary, with the exception of Chinese herbs. Schedule an appointment today.

*Please note: Student and senior appointments are subject to availability and must be scheduled within 24 hours of desired time. Visits do not include lab work. Offer cannot be combined with any other discount program.

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It's Not Just What You Cook, It's How You Cook It: Explore Healthy Cooking Methods
Healthy CookingThe next time you prepare your favorite meal, consider a low-temperature method such as boiling, steaming or poaching to create an even healthier dish. These cooler cooking methods greatly reduce the number of harmful compounds, called advanced glycation end products (AGEs), that are produced when food is exposed to high temperatures. AGEs can lead to free radical formation, inflammation and insulin resistance in the body. Be creative with your menus and try preparing the same foods in a safer way. Read more about using cooking methods that lower your exposure to AGEs.

The Power of Beans in Colon Cancer Prevention
Eating three cups of beans every week can be a great tool for preventing colon cancer, the third most common cancer among U.S. adults. Beans contain non-digestible carbohydrates, which the body converts into a cancer-fighting short-chain fatty acid called butyrate acid. In addition, a whole range of other anticancer and nutritious compounds found in beans work together to provide optimal health benefits. Read more about the advantages of incorporating these nutritional powerhouses into your diet.

St. John's Wort May Help with Depression
While St. John's wort is already used to treat minor depression, a new study finds it may have wider applications. According to a psychiatric study, St. John's wort can also benefit those experiencing major depression. Read more about the study and symptoms of major depression. For more help dealing with depression, take advantage of counseling services at Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

Exercise Smarter with Amino Acid Supplements
Of the 20 amino acids that come from proteins, the three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are especially useful in the maintenance of muscle tissue. Numerous studies have shown that taking a supplement that contains a mixture of 30 percent BCAAs combined with other amino acids is an effective method of speeding muscle recovery after exercise and increasing aerobic fitness. Learn more about recent studies on amino acids supplements and exercise.

Combine Fish Oil and Exercise to Reduce Body Fat and Improve Artery Health
Could fish oil be the key to achieving lower body fat? A new study shows taking six grams of fish oil in combination with exercise lowers triglycerides, increases HDL ("good") cholesterol, improves blood vessel function and decreases body fat more effectively than exercise or fish oil alone. Learn more about fish oil and weight management.






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