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Welcome to Health E-News! Even though the weather might be cooling down after summer, you can still maintain physical activity with some creativity. You can bundle up and walk outdoors, invite a friend to join you at the gym, or sign up for a community fitness class. As you will see in this issue of Health E-News, in addition to other benefits, exercise is proven to prevent strokes. If you’ve been avoiding exercise due to foot pain, read how Bastyr Center for Natural Health can help you alleviate that with custom orthotics And as you find yourself indoors more and more, be aware of the scented products you’re using around the house. A recent study has linked such products with lung damage.

In the meantime, stock your kitchen with Bastyr Dispensary’s collection of custom healing teas in preparation for new challenges that come with weather changes and the cold and flu season. While you’re at the dispensary, take advantage of the sale on the entire fall line of all-natural Dr. Hauschka skin care and make-up products.

Enjoy the new autumn season and the change it represents in your life. Embrace health and be well!

Christy Anderson

Bastyr Center for Natural Health
September 2006 Issue

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Clinic Highlights

Solve Your Foot Problems First

Pain is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong, and foot pain is no different. But chances are that if your feet hurt, your back, legs, posture, knees, or hips may also suffer from poor foot function. The Bastyr Center for Natural Health physical medicine department can address all of these issues. Our practitioners use the latest technology to evaluate your gait and foot structure to determine if your pain can be alleviated with customized prescription orthotics. Take your pain seriously and schedule an appointment at Bastyr.

Herbal Teas Customized to Your Health

Herbal teas are not just soothing beverages for relaxing moments—many also have documented medicinal properties. Bastyr Dispensary has developed five custom herbal teas, combining the healing properties of a variety of herbs to address various medical ailments and aid in your health. You can choose from Cold & Flu Tea, Relaxing Tea, Mineral Tea, Sinus Tea, and Digestive Tea. Stop by and stock your kitchen cabinet with healing teas for you and your family.

Enjoy 20% off all Dr. Hauschka products at Bastyr Dispensary

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care and cosmetics line Dr. Hauschka Skin Care and cosmetics line is one of the highest-quality natural skin care and cosmetics lines available. For a limited time, we are offering all products at a discount. Dr. Hauschka’s products have been designed with therapeutic ingredients that restore balance and health to the skin. Now through October 31, take 20% off Dr. Hauschka products at Bastyr Dispensary and be the first to use the season’s new product lines..

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Fresh Air or Air Fresheners?
Fresh Air or Air Fresheners?Perfumes, deodorizers, and scented cleaning products seem harmless enough to those not allergic to them. But a recent study finds that the chemical used in those scented products can actually be responsible for lung damage. Take another look at your stock of air fresheners, toilet bowl deodorants, or mothballs and reconsider your options in light of your health. Natural cleaning and deodorizing products that utilize enzymes instead of perfumes are available at Bastyr Dispensary and other natural health stores. You can also find nontoxic candles and soaps to bring the fresh scents of the outdoors inside.

Chew on This and Improve Your Digestion
Folk wisdom has dictated that food should be chewed thoroughly, even if it took some time. In today’s fast-paced world, many of us practically swallow our food without bothering to chew, and this has consequences for our digestive health. Especially for those who have gastro esophageal reflux disease or are dependent on the "little purple pill" (Prilosec) and antacids, extra chewing can make all the difference. Read advice from a Bastyr faculty member about the health benefits of thorough chewing.

Live Well to Reduce Stroke Risk
Now there’s yet another reason for women to watch their weight, get regular exercise, eat a healthy diet, and not smoke: a recent report suggests that these lifestyle choices protect women against strokes. It’s not news that such healthy habits are beneficial, but it’s good to know that science keeps proving it. Read about all the details on our website.






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