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Now that the summer is just a pleasant memory and kids are back at school, take it upon yourself to take a fresh look at your environment. Were you aware that mold could be responsible for some of your health problems? Learn how to detect mold-related symptoms. And before the colder weather takes its toll on your skin, stock up at the Bastyr Dispensary’s "Refresh & Rejuvenate the Face" sale with 20% off many of its skin care products. Find the details below!

If you or someone you know has been concerned about diabetes or cardiovascular health, you will be pleased to learn that Bastyr Center for Natural Health has a new program focusing just on diabetes and cardiovascular health. Read more about it in this issue of Health E-News.

As life changes with the turning of the leaves, take good care of your health so you can enjoy fall to its fullest!

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Clinic Highlights

Diabetes & Cardiovascular Program

The new Diabetes and Cardiovascular Wellness Program at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health now provides you access to experienced naturopathic physicians to help guide you through the myriad of complementary and alternative medicine treatment options for your diabetes or heart health. The program emphasizes foundational diet, exercise, and stress-management techniques that are critical to diabetes self-management and treatment of most cardiovascular diseases. Learn about options to help complement your current medications, offset possible nutritional deficiencies, and possibly delay the need for additional medications by using natural therapies. Your care and treatment plan will be individualized based on your interests, goals, and health needs. To make an appointment to see a team in the new Diabetes & Cardiovascular Wellness Program call 206.834.4190. For the latest research on diabetes and cardiovascular health, look through Bastyr Center’s health information section online.


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Refresh & Rejuvenate the Face: 20% off through October 31

Prepare your skin for the cold, windy seasons with the Bastyr Dispensary’s facial skin-care sale. All facial skin-care products from Living Nature, Weleda, Logona, Burt’s Bees, Spirit of Beauty, and Dr. Hauschka, and the Spirit of Beauty’s Healthy Aging Lavender line are 20% off through October 31. Other body care products and make-up are not included in this promotion.

Homeopathy Highlight: Treat Your Anxiety—and More

Anxiety can be a result of many things going on in your body, so just treating one thing at a time may not be as effective. Homeopathy is a treatment method that takes your whole “constitution” into account and seeks to remedy the imbalance within your body. Read how this can work for you.


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Strict Diet Effective Treatment for Prostate Cancer
Natural medicine has always promoted good food as good medicine, and a recent groundbreaking study conducted on prostate cancer patients supports this philosophy. The Journal of Urology published a study by Dr. Dean Ornish which found an encouraging link between a strict diet and the slowing of cancer progression. The conclusion of this study challenges the medical establishment to consider a natural approach as a component in all cancer treatment. Read about the details of the study, and visit our site to get up-to-date information on men’s health.

Spice Up Your Health!
Spices make an otherwise drab meal interesting, but did you know those flakes and powders also benefit your health? Sprinkle on something good for you, and find out what good things you’re doing for you and your family here.

Take Control of Mold
How pervasive is mold—is it a health risk? Seattle Public Schools discovered mold problems in nine of its schools this year. If they took it seriously enough to remedy before the new school year, how concerned should we be about mold in our own environment? Learn about the consequences of unchecked mold, how to recognize when it has become a problem, and how to prevent mold proliferation.






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