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At last summer has begun. The warm sun and extra daylight can keep us running longer than usual—but we can overdo it if we’re not careful. You may be interested in learning how one technique, biofeedback, effectively keeps you aware of your body’s changing needs. Our children need us to be aware of their needs for them, so we’re offering a Children's Wellness Promotion for your children’s health. They can start their vacation off right and stay well all summer. Of course sunscreen is a daily staple when playing outside all day, but sometimes we’re caught unprepared. In this issue, you’ll find out what you can do after a sunburn to prevent long-term damage. Have a healthy summer, and don’t forget our recipe for sloppy joes at your next potluck!

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Clinic Highlights

Keep your Child Healthy Naturally

Children of every age can benefit from a natural approach to their health. Bring your child in for our Children's Wellness Promotion , running July 22 through September 17 2005. Find out how natural medicine can help you and your family achieve optimal health.

Here’s how it works: You and your child will meet with a team of advanced naturopathic medicine students and a supervising practitioner. Your child will receive a wellness screening that will assess his or her current physical health, their growth and development, and their nutrition and digestive needs. Your cost is only $20. In addition, you'll receive a free bottle of pediatric vitamins from our Bastyr Dispensary.

Vaccinations will be available to appropriate patients at the time of this visit and will be included in the $20 promotional fee, if administered at this first appointment. If you need to return to receive the vaccinations at a future time, you will need to arrange for an additional appointment.

Call now to schedule an appointment for our Children's Wellness Promotion. 206-834-4100

This offer is valid for one children’s wellness visit per child. Multiple children from the same family cannot be seen as a group but rather each child would need individual appointments. This appointment is intended for a wellness evaluation only. Other health issues will need to be addressed at a separate appointment. This offer is valid through September 17, 2005.


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Get Your Symptoms Under Control through Biofeedback

Is your health condition stress-related? Whether you realize it or not, it might be. Many studies have proven that mental/emotional “stress” causes physical changes in the body, which can lead to health problems. Studies also show that the body heals faster and the immune system operates better when the body is in a state of relaxation. Learn how biofeedback, a service offered at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, can benefit your health.


Hydrotherapy: An Age-Old Natural Cure

It sounds complicated—even new-fangled—but in fact hydrotherapy is as old as Hippocrates, who first documented its benefits. Hydrotherapy is a simple way of getting the body to heal itself with the use of hot and cold water. Learn more about how your body can heal itself with this technique.


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Vitamin A: Natural Skin Repair from Sun Damage
Everyone knows you are supposed to wear sunscreen when you go out in the sun—but we may be caught unprepared sometimes. So when you find you’ve been overexposed to the sun and have been sunburned, take the next step and treat your damaged skin to prevent cancer. There is a recent study documenting the healing effects of the supplement vitamin A on cancer-prone skin. Read about it and mention it to your health care practitioner if you think you may be at risk for skin cancer.

Treat--Even Prevent--Migraines Naturally
Have you heard the good news for migraine sufferers? The herb butterbur has been shown to reduce the pain of migraines. This exciting news has been in the media recently, but to natural health practitioners, this is old news. For more insight into the publicized study featured in Neurology and details on a variety of migraine remedies, take a look through our Health Information section, starting with an analysis of the butterbur study.

Recipe: Sloppeh Joes
Here’s a tasty, nutritious recipe that’s perfect for summer potlucks and backyard picnics. This dish, made with tempeh, a meat substitute made from soybeans, will please the palates of the vegetarians and meat eaters among us!






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